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Here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD, our staff is asked often about motor oil: which is better between synthetic and conventional? There’s a simple answer and there’s a longer answer. And, since I’m kind of wordy, I’m going to give you the longer answer.

First, though, I’ll answer this quickly (for those of you scanning for a quick response!): Synthetic oil takes the cake between these two. Now, for the longer answer for the rest of you who want to know why…

Synthetic oil: why it’s best for your vehicle
First, your vehicle needs to be able to take synthetic oil (note: most newer vehicles can). The reason our experts encourage drivers to opt for synthetic oil is because it has a high level of lubrication. This is important for all your vehicles little parts. Think of it in terms of our physical human bodies: we need water to keep our insides running healthily. It “lubes” our skin, keeps our hair healthy, keeps our organs (or, mechanics, if you will…) running properly and functioning well with each other… Your car demands the same thing to be healthy. Synthetic oil is also preferred for its enhanced durability and for better protection at start-up. What this means for your car or truck:

  • Synthetic oil takes longer to break-down and need replacing; it lasts longer and is more tolerant of weather changes
  • The vehicle itself will run more smoothly
  • It has superior cleansing properties (like how water helps to cleanse toxins from our bodies)
  • Less debris and build-up of sludge and gunk in your filter

Conventional oil: why some choose this option
For cars and trucks which can not take synthetic oil, obviously, this is the way to go. Also, if you have a low-mileage vehicle that you drive at lower speeds (not for you Lead Foots…), conventional oil is just fine. The thing to know about conventional oil is that it will require you to have oil changes a bit more often. Debris and gunk will build up in your filter a bit more quickly, too. This oil breaks down more rapidly because it is less tolerant of weather changes.

To sum up, go with the highest-grade oil your vehicle can take. Yes, synthetic oil is the optimal choice—if your owner’s manual or Preferred Automotive mechanic advises you to use it. The goal is to get the best performance from your car or truck and treat it with the best, so it lasts a long time for you.

Is it time for your next oil change in Rockville, MD? Are you in need of other repairs or maintenance? We would love to be of service to you! Give our team of experts a call today to set up your next appointment. We will have you in and out of here in no time! At Preferred Automotive, our goal is to keep you safe, informed, and in a properly functioning vehicle. See you soon!

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