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The Benefits Of A Vehicle Inspection

Here at Preferred Automotive, our expert technicians value the importance of the vehicle inspection, for all makes and models. We provide this service because we want our customers—new and old—to be completely educated on all things related to their vehicles; thus, the Rockville, MD vehicle inspection here at our shop.

For those of you somewhat unfamiliar with what an inspection is, here you go: it’s an all-over vehicle check for critical safety components. An inspection is a way for customers to learn about issues they may not have detected themselves or will soon discover. Some of these problems, when found early on, can be addressed more easily and less costly than they would if allowed to progress.

Need more reasons to bring your vehicle to us here in Rockville, MD, for an inspection? Keep reading!

Safety first
First and foremost—safety is of the utmost importance to us here at Preferred Automotive. And, we know it’s important to you as well. A lot is riding with you in your car seat(s)—your future, your children, your friends and other family members. So, when you get a new vehicle or you are thinking about getting a new vehicle, or even when you feel something could be off, schedule an inspection with our pros. Our top-of-the-line diagnostics center will determine what—if anything—is wrong, so we can fix it. We want to keep you safe, too!

It’s all about the Benjamins $$
As mentioned, the earlier you can detect an issue, the better. Even professionals rely on inspections for their vehicles. Why? Because we will not always see or feel a growing issue with our car or truck. And, sometimes, by the time we do, the problem has grown bigger and costlier.

Before you buy…
You have probably heard or given this advice: get a vehicle inspected before you purchase it. This is particularly important with used vehicles. Previous owners may not have kept up with regular maintenance which can degrade various components of the vehicle: the engine, joints and bearings, the tires, belts, etc. Further, the vehicle’s history isn’t always accessible or reliable. A professional inspection can help reveal accidents in the vehicle’s past, corroded parts, or more.

The engine, and transmission, and brakes—on my!
Most importantly, a vehicle inspection deals with these three components: the engine, transmission, and brakes. Other stuff, yes; but these three are the hallowed trinity of assuring a car or truck is safe to drive, purchase, or sell. Your safety and the safety of those in and near your vehicle depend on these three components performing well.

Want to learn more about our inspection process here at Preferred Automotive? We love to answer questions for our customers! Give us a call or bring your vehicle by and let’s address your concerns together.

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