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Auto Repair You Can Trust

Finding an auto repair shop you can trust is not always an easy endeavor. For little fixes and oil changes, you can go almost anywhere. But what happens when you need real help for those not-so-fun fender-benders?

Here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD, we strive to be more than just your oil-change and tire rotation stop (though, we will happily handle that for you!). We want to be a household name for you and all the drivers in your home; one you can rely on for any auto need.

So, how do you find a shop you can call your own and trust to take care of your vehicle the way you deserve? The truth is, finding a reputable mechanic is as simple as following these three steps!

1. Ask around
Everyone has a story about an auto repair gone wrong (unfortunately). So, find out who your peers would NEVER revisit—and take heed! In contrast, someone will have a story about a company they trust. Find out “who goes where” and why. This will help you in your search.

2. Check them out online
We live in a digital age, so we need to use this to our advantage. These days, we can learn a lot about a company based on their website and online reviews.
What to look for on their site:
– Ease of use. You should be able to navigate their website easily.
– Services. Are they a small shop or a big one? Do they provide the type of services you need for your vehicle or could need in the near future?
– A bit of background. Do they have an “about us” section or something like it?
You know, a place where you can read about their company, employees, vision, etc. Information like this reveals the level of care within the company and the dedication they have to their customers.
What to look for online:
– Ratings! See what people are saying about the company. Check places like Facebook, Yellow Pages,, Google reviews, etc.

3. Check them out in person
There’s only so much you can learn about a company through others’ experiences and online reviews. Ultimately, your instincts will guide you. If you are shopping for a repair shop to call your own, consider scheduling an oil change (something simple) with a company you have found through word-of-mouth or in your online search—and then see how you feel! When you bring your vehicle in, this is what you want to feel/see:
– A good gut feeling.
– An organized office.
– Friendly service.
– Fair timeframe for services and adequate time estimates.
– Clear pricing.
– Professionalism.
– Solid communication.

Do you need someone you can trust with your auto repairs here in Rockville, MD? Give Preferred Automotive a call! Our staff is experienced, fair, and passionate about serving this community and providing an auto shop you can rely on.

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