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The ABC’s Of Auto Service—From The Experts!

Living in the information age, we can be easily misled by false information. We Google, we find someone claiming to be an “expert” on a given topic (but they really aren’t), and we accept the information as truth or fact. This is particularly common with people searching for information regarding taking care of their vehicles. Don’t do that! Being led by false information can be costly, and the real experts here in Rockville, MD, at Preferred Automotive want to keep you in-the-know when it comes to regular auto service Rockville, MD. Check out these ABC’s!

All about air filters
Your air filter stops airborne contaminants and debris from getting lodged in your car or truck’s engine. The filter stops dust, leaves, and ground clumps before they make their way into the engine and cause damage. If you let this go and allow the filter to become too dirty or clogged up, the engine will be prevented from sucking enough air into it. Why this is a big problem: your vehicle will lose power and run poorly.

Brake pads are your friends
One of the simplest, most inexpensive ways to keep yourself and your passengers safe is to keep up with your brake pads. These little buffers protect the rotors and linings of your vehicle’s brake system and help you stop efficiently. There are two kinds of brake systems in civilian vehicles: drum brakes and disc brakes. Drum brakes include brake shoes which push out against the spinning brake drum attached to the wheel. They rely on the friction to slow and stop the car. Disc brakes are like the hand brakes of a bicycle: they squeeze the turning disc rotor attached to the wheel. We say all of this to say that your brake pads are important. Why? Well… so you don’t crash into a dump truck or tree or pedestrian. A few pointers:

– Hear squealing? It’s probably a low brake pad warning you it is time to get it replaced.
– Feel grinding? You’re likely past the “low” squeal and have graduated to metal-on-metal grinding, which is dangerous and detrimental to your brake system.
– Are you bouncing? You may have hotspots or an uneven wear in your brake pad or rotors—get it checked out.

Coolant advice
The coolant (AKA the antifreeze) is the fluid which absorbs heat from your engine, dissipating it through the radiator. This is a mixture of ethylene or propylene glycol and water which needs to be kept up (drained and refilled in the system) to remove rust and dirt which can clog up your vehicle’s cooling system—which will have a no-fun impact on you in the extreme weather here in Rockville, MD. Stay comfortable; keep up with your coolant levels.

Want to learn more about your vehicle, its functions, and how you can better maintain it? Give us a call! For trusted mechanics and affordable auto services—we hope you find Preferred Automotive to be exactly what you need.

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