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5 Ways You Are Killing Your Car!

Being a vehicle owner can feel like your ticket to freedom just as much as it can feel like a nightmare. If you have ever felt hindered by your vehicle (because of inefficient running and/or frequent visits to the shop), you may be able to relate! The difference between freedom and a nightmare of a vehicle hinges on how well you take care of your vehicle, according to our expert staff here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD. Unfortunately, auto care isn’t always a top priority for vehicle owners, so many are unaware they are adversely affecting their car or truck!

The following are five things that many vehicle owners do that could be harming their car (and their bank account!)

1. Delaying brake repairs
We see this time and time and time again. Do not do this! The first time you hear that “squeal” when you brake or feel vibrations as you come to stop—call us to set an appt to get your brake pads looked at. You don’t need to be one of many people who wait so long that they have costly rotor/drum replacements if you can so easily avoid this.

2. Ignoring the “check engine” light
Ignoring this warning can result in serious engine issues and expensive repairs. Who has time (or money) for that? At the very least, this light could be alerting you to an engine issue which negatively affects your vehicle’s fuel economy. At the worst, it could be warning of engine failure. Don’t gamble.

3. Neglecting your tires
Do you check your car or truck’s tires frequently? You should. Their inflation and tread depth need to be monitored to ensure you and your passengers are safe on the roads. If not, you could be compromising on traction when you need it most (rain, snow, tight curves, etc.). Further, underinflated tires wear out more often which can impact safety, performance, and gas mileage.

4. Leaving it dirty
Keeping a dirty car for too long without a wash will lead to buildup of harmful dirt and chemicals which increases the potential for rust. Especially here in Maryland, where the salt trucks are common during the winter—you want to be sure your vehicle gets a proper wash every month or two.

5. Being a harsh driver
This does not only pertain to “severe drivers” who lay on the gas and the brake heavily—you could be killing your car in other ways, too. Whether it is stop-and-go traffic, rough roads, or heavy loads in your truck bed, it can feel difficult to avoid the harsher driving conditions. Do what you can. Brake sooner, drive the speed limit, don’t carry loads in your truck bed until you need to move the, avoid aggressive driving, and keep your car or truck properly tuned. All of these actions will combine to make for fewer issues.

So, how do you stand up to these five car-killers? We hope this helps you to be a better steward of your vehicle. Come visit us with for your next Rockville, MD tune-up service here at Preferred Automotive!

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