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5 Useful Tips for Extending the Life of Your Car Battery

Most car batteries are only designed to last for about three or four years. After that, you’ll need to replace them to prevent finding yourself with a dead battery at the worst possible time. But there are some steps you can take to extend the life of your car battery and get more out of it. It could prevent you from having to replace it sooner than you should have to at a Rockville, MD auto repair shop. It’ll also give you peace of mind when you’re out on the road. Here are 5 useful tips for extending the life of your car battery.

Rockville, MD auto repair shop

Cut down on the number of short car rides you take.

Have you gotten into the habit of taking a lot of car rides that are on the shorter side? You might think this is cutting down on the wear and tear you’re putting on your car, and to some degree, you’re right. But you’re also putting a huge strain on your car battery when you do this. You’re not giving it the time it needs to recharge when you only drive for a few miles at a time.

Shut your lights off before getting out of your car.

The easiest way to kill your car battery is by leaving your interior lights or headlights on when the car is off. Yet, lots of people continue to accidentally leave their lights on when getting out of the car at the end of a drive. Check and double check that your lights are off prior to stepping out of your car. It’ll prevent your lights from emptying your battery completely.

Avoid plugging too many things into your car’s outlets.

There are car adapters for just about every piece of electronic equipment these days. You can charge smartphones, tablets, and more by plugging them into your car’s outlets. It’s OK to do it when you’re driving around. But try not to plug these things into your outlets when your car is idling. It’ll drain your battery down quickly and could even empty it altogether if you’re not careful.

Clean corrosion off your car battery every so often.

Over the years, corrosion will often build up on your car battery. Pop the hood and clean it off to prevent the corrosion from taking a toll on it. To do it, simply mix together 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup of hot water. Take an old toothbrush and dip it into the mixture before scrubbing any corrosion you can find from your battery. Doing this will keep the battery cleaner and extend its life.

Start your car and let it run even when you don’t need to use it.

Every mechanic in Rockville, MD will tell you that it’s not a good idea to let your car sit for days, weeks, and months on end without letting it run. It can kill your battery and impact other parts of your car, too. Even if you’re not planning on driving for awhile, go out to your car and start it up every other day or so and let it run for a few minutes. This will allow fluids to circulate and keep your battery charged.

Is the battery in your car starting to give you problems? Preferred Automotive can take care of replacing it for you. We can also offer other auto repair services in Rockville, MD. Reach out to us at (301) 881-8530 today to set up an appointment or drive your car down to 12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852 to have it looked at.

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