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Most of us have been here:

Driving along, headed to run some errands or get to work and then BOOM! Someone slams into the back of your car. You quickly get out, check for damages on your vehicle and everything looks ok. Whew! Luck! You check on the other driver and let them know everything is fine and not to worry about the incident, since there is no visible damage.

Common situation. Unfortunately, many of us would handle this scenario exactly this way. But, here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD, our professionals believe there are five significant reasons to have your car inspected for collision damage after any collision, fender-bender, or seemingly insignificant crash.

Check this out!

  1. The untrained eye can’t see problems…
    Sometimes after a small collision, everything looks fine. At most, all you can see are a couple cosmetic scrapes that just do not seem worth an insurance claim. But, what you may not see is a more serious issue: a problem with your alignment, the axle, the frame, etc. The irony is that these problems, if undetected, could cause you another accident.
  2. Resale could be tough
    Down the road (sorry for the pun… unavoidable), when you attempt to sell your vehicle, the potential buyer could find damages you didn’t know about during their This kills a sale, for sure.
  3. Don’t hurt your lease!
    If yours is a leased vehicle, it is especially important that you have your vehicle inspected following any small incident. The lessor could charge you major fees for the damages directly and indirectly related to the collision you thought “was no big deal.”
  4. Safety should be #1
    Of course you want to be a “good guy” and not file an insurance claim over a small run-in with a kind stranger. But, imagine the regret you’ll face when that “small run-in” turns into a major safety concern months later. Even a compromised bumper from a rear-ending is a big deal—it won’t absorb the shock of the next one, which means an increased risk for you and your loved ones. Be a “good guy,” but exchange info with the other driver and get your car inspected immediately!
  5. Insurance requirement
    You can’t go back in time once an issue develops and have your insurance or the insurance of the guilty party from the collision and make a claim. If nothing is done immediately, you’re out of luck. Some insurance companies insist on sending their own trained inspectors, while others allow you to have your car or truck inspected at an auto repair shop of your choosing. Though, if you choose not to have your vehicle inspected and exchange insurance info with the other driver who hit you, none of this will matter—repairs will come out-of-[your]-pocket!

When you find yourself in the common scenario described above—don’t take the collision lightly! Exchange information with the other driver and bring your vehicle to us in auto repair in Rockville, MDhere at Preferred Automotive immediately to have it inspected for any damages. We want to help!

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