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4 Things To Expect When Your Transmission Is On The Fritz

We know; no one even wants to think about their transmission failing one day. That is a costly, big decision-making event many of us will face once in our lives. What’s worse is that most who do face the issue of a failing transmission will find themselves surprised by it, blind-sided. But, this is avoidable and somewhat preventable.

Our team in Rockville, MD, here at Preferred Automotive wants to help! We have created this short “warning” guide just for you!

4 warning signs your transmission is dying…
Wouldn’t it be nice to see the tragedy coming and do what you can to stop it? We agree! Learn these, memorize these:
1. Your car’s personality seems “off…”
Ok, said differently: your car seems to have become insubordinate and refuses to listen to you. A healthy transmission will help your car GO when you tell it to GO and, in the case of manual transmissions, the car should shift when you tell it to shift. Common causes of malfunction are as follows:
– Low transmission fluid
– Routine required adjusting of the clutch linkage or the shift cables
– Incorrect thickness/viscosity of fluid

2. There is this clunking that never used to exist…
If you hear weird noises when the vehicle is shifting, assume the transmission is acting up and bring it in to your trusted mechanic ASAP. Do you feel a “bump” while sitting in neutral? Yep; could be the transmission. Odd sounds like this could be a simple and inexpensive to resolve—but you need to find out to be safe and certain.

3. You’ve lost some control over your vehicle…
If you have a normally functioning transmission, your car will stay in gear—the one you or the computer designates—until you or the vehicle’s computer initiate a gear shift. A malfunctioning transmission will come out of gear. Here’s the thing: this feels scary. There will be no mistaking when this happens because you feel like you’ve lost control of your vehicle. And, honestly, you need to trust that your vehicle will maintain a speed or speed up and away from a dangerous situation (bad adjacent driver, nearby accident, block in the road, etc.). This issue is unnerving and potentially very dangerous—it needs to be addressed immediately by a professional.

4. A leaky faucet
AKA: leaking transmission fluid. This is the easiest way to know for sure that your Rockville, MD transmission repair needs attention. Do you see a small little pool of transmission fluid on your driveway or parking space when you move your car? That small little spot can and will rapidly turn into a big problem. In some vehicles, checking the transmission fluid levels is as simple as lifting the hood. In others, it’s a bit more complex. Not sure how to do it with your vehicle? Bring it in to us here at Preferred Auto and we’ll show you just how to do it. But, please—if you suspect your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, have a professional mechanic check it out.
Want to learn more about keeping your transmission healthy and avoid replacement? The team at Preferred Automotive wants to help! Give us a call!

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