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It’s always something, isn’t it? You wash your car and it rains. You replace your tires and then roll over a nail in a parking lot. Or—my personal favorite—you celebrate five years accident-free (and a comfortable insurance rate) and then back into a cement pole.

Being a grown up and maintaining your vehicle’s “health” can feel exhausting—especially the stuff you can’t control. But, being equipped to detect an issue with your car or truck can and will save you time and energy.

We can help equip you! Check out these four signs that you need immediate auto service in Rockville, MD, according to our experts here in Rockville, MD at Preferred Automotive!

  1. Flashing check engine light
    About 99.99% of those reading this know this is an indicator that something is likely “wrong” with your car or truck. But, you may be surprised to find out this warning is often ignored by a huge number of drivers (scary, right?). An illuminated check engine light is no cause for panic, of course. But, it is an indication that your engine needs some attention from a professional sooner rather than later.
  2. Excessive smoke coming from the exhaust
    There are so many cars on the road these days with billows of smoke coming from their exhausts—and it’s an indicator that the vehicle could have an oil leak, is burning antifreeze, or burning fuel. Helpful tip: check the bumper area of your car and, if you see black residue, take your vehicle in to have this looked at. It’ll likely save you money and help you dodge a bigger issue!
  3. Noises while in transit
    You know what your car sounds like. When you hear something that sounds unlike your vehicle, don’t ignore it! Dragging noises could be coming from your wheel bearings—a sign they could be going bad. Grinding/squealing noises when slowing or braking almost definitely means your brakes and/or brake pads need replacing. Wheel bearings and brakes are nothing you want to take lightly! Bring your vehicle in to us here at Preferred and we’ll get you a further diagnosis.
  4. Dramatic surges
    We try to advise EVERYONE to pay close attention to how their car or truck feels while driven. Any recurring or out-of-the-blue surges or “jumps” while operating—especially when trying to accelerate—could be an indicator of a serious problem: a failing transmission. Bring your vehicle in immediately¸ so you can face the music (if it’s the transmission) or obtain some peace of mind (if it happens to be a simple and inexpensive fix). The sooner you can address a potential transmission issue, the better. Yes, replacement or repair will be costly—but less so than waiting and allowing this failing system to affect others negatively.

Life happens. And, sometimes, your car or truck can feel like a pain in your side. If you’re experiencing any issues like the ones listed above, give our professionals at Preferred Automotive a call or stop by as soon as you can! We’d be happy to help!

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