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4 Signs It’s Time to Have an Auto Repair Shop Look at Your Brakes

Does it feel like you have to press down on your car’s brakes harder than usual to bring your car to a complete stop? It could mean that your brakes are on their way out. You should take your car to an auto repair shop in Rockville, MD as quickly as you can to have them looked at. And that’s not the only sign that your brakes might need to be inspected and replaced, either. Here are 4 other signs that’ll let you know you should have a mechanic take a look at your brakes.

auto repair shop in Rockville, MD
Your brakes are making strange sounds.

When your car’s brakes are on their way out, they’ll usually make plenty of strange sounds to let you know about it. More often than not, brakes will begin to squeal, squeak, and even grind when they’re starting to go bad. Don’t ignore these sounds! This is your car’s way of talking to you and letting you know that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. The only way to stop the sounds is by having a Rockville, MD mechanic check out your brakes to see why they’re suddenly so noisy.

Your brakes seem to be leaking fluid.

Is there a puddle of fluid underneath your car every time you park it? The fluid could be coming from any number of places. But if it appears to be located in the general area of your brakes, it likely means that brake fluid is leaking. This is another issue that you don’t want to ignore for too long. If you drive around without brake fluid in your car, it can hinder your car’s ability to brake and put you and others out on the road in danger.

Your brakes smell like they’re burning.

Any time your car smells like there is something burning, it usually means that there are at least two things rubbing together that shouldn’t be coming into contact with one another. Walk around the outside of your car and see if you can pinpoint where the smell is originating from. If it seems to be coming from your tires, your brakes could be to blame for the burning smell. Your brake pads or rotors may need to be replaced in order to stop your brakes from producing the smell.

Your brake light just came on.

Did the brake light in your car just pop on? This typically happens when you don’t have enough brake fluid in your car. But it could also be indicative of another problem with your brakes. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to your brake light and drive around for too long with it on. You could potentially make the problem with your brakes worse and be forced to make more costly repairs to your car later.

Driving around with brakes that aren’t working properly isn’t just inconvenient. It could also put your life in jeopardy in some cases. Let Preferred Automotive provide you with Rockville, MD auto repair to get your brakes working the way they should again. Contact us at (301) 881-8530 today or stop by 12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852 to have your brakes serviced.

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