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4 Reasons to Have Your Tires Rotated at an Auto Repair Shop

When is the last time you had the tires on your car rotated? If it’s been awhile now since your last tire rotation, bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop in Rockville to have it done right away. Most auto manufacturers recommend that drivers rotate tires once every 3,000 to 7,000 miles to prevent problems with tires. Check out 4 reasons why you shouldn’t put off tire rotation any longer than you have to below.

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Prevents tires from wearing out unevenly

Each of the tires on your vehicle will wear out differently depending on where they’re situated and how you drive. This can result in your tires wearing out unevenly if you aren’t diligent about rotating them every now and then. By doing tire rotation, you’ll find that your tires will wear out evenly over the years. They’ll last longer than they would otherwise and keep their tire tread pattern.

Maintains tire traction

Do you spend a lot of time driving in rainy or snowy conditions? If you do, it’s important for you to have good tire traction. It’ll prevent your vehicle from slipping and sliding all over the road when it’s wet or icy. If you don’t have a Rockville mechanic rotate your tires, you’re going to find that some of your tires don’t provide you with much traction at all. It’ll cause your car to move around far too much when you’re driving in rain and snow, and it could even put you in harm’s way.

Keeps tire warranties intact

Most tires come with an extended warranty on them. If the tires don’t perform up to your standards over the long haul, you can have them replaced free of charge in many cases. But you’ll usually find that a tire manufacturer will void the warranty on your tires if they suspect you haven’t been doing regular tire rotations. It’s your job to make sure your tires are being maintained once they’re on your car, and that includes rotating them once or twice every year.

Helps you avoid having to replace tires sooner than you should have to

Replacing the tires on a car, truck, or SUV is often very costly. You could spend more than $1,000 on some of the tires that are out there. Therefore, you want to get as much life as you possibly can out of tires before replacing them. There will be a small expense that comes along with a tire rotation. But it’ll be nothing compared to what you would have to pay for brand-new tires. You can keep your existing tires for a longer period of time by rotating them and making sure that there is more than enough air in them at all times.

Are you having a hard time remembering the last time you rotated your tires? Preferred Automotive can set you up with a Rockville tire rotation today. Give us a call at (301) 881-8530 or visit us at 12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852 to schedule an appointment.

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