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4 Reasons People Visit Auto Repair Shops for AC Repair Services

Is there anything worse than driving around in a hot car during the dog days of summer? It’ll make you wish you had stayed home instead of ever leaving the house. If your car is hot beyond belief right now, you might need to have auto repair in Rockville, MD done on it to bring your air conditioner back to life. Here are 4 common reasons why people visit auto repair shops for AC repair services in the summertime.

auto repair Rockville, MD
AC won’t turn on

Did you just try to turn on your air conditioner only to discover that—gasp—it won’t turn on at all? This can obviously be very frustrating because it won’t even give you the option of getting access to slightly cooled air in your car. If you ever experience this particular problem, you should run right down to a Rockville, MD auto repair shop right away to have a mechanic take a look at your car. You could have some kind of electrical issue going on with your vehicle.

AC doesn’t produce cold air

If your air conditioner turns on but doesn’t produce any cold air when it’s running, this can be almost as frustrating as your AC not working at all. Nothing is less refreshing that hot air blowing on you in a hot car. You’ll be forced to roll the windows down when you encounter this situation. You’ll also be forced to bring your car down to an auto repair shop to have it inspected.

AC doesn’t blow hard enough

The good news: Your car’s AC system is blowing cold air! The bad news: The air is coming out of your car’s vents so slowly that you and your passengers can barely feel it. When your car’s AC system can’t pump out cold air quickly, it’ll have almost no impact on the temperature in your car. You won’t even want to bother running your AC since it’ll still be hot in your car despite it being on. You could have an issue with your cooling fans, your compressor, or something else. Hand the keys to your car over to a mechanic so that they can diagnose the underlying issue.

AC is leaking

Within your car’s AC system, there are all kinds of different hoses, O-rings, and other parts that can cause leaks. If you happen to have a leak in your AC system, it’ll cause some of the issues listed above as well as other problems with your car. A mechanic can use several techniques to find out if a car’s AC system has a leak somewhere in it. It’ll make it easy for them to fix whatever is wrong with your AC system so that it starts blowing cold air again.

Driving around in the summertime without air conditioning in your car is a big no-no. Outside of making you uncomfortable, it could also potentially put your health at risk if you’re not careful. Let Preferred Automotive take care of your AC problems for you. One of our Rockville, MD mechanics can check out your AC and figure out why it won’t work for you. Reach out to us at (301) 881-8530 today or visit us at 12356 Wilkins Ave Rockville, MD 20852 to get your AC fixed.

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