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 There are two camps of drivers when it comes to caring for their vehicles:

  1. The Compulsive Car-Washer, Car Detail Guy. You know this guy or girl. The one who won’t let you eat McDonald’s in the car and vacuums it regularly. He or she probably gets the oil changed every 3,000 miles on-the-dot (even though that’s completely unnecessary for most vehicles on the road today) and refuses to drive on dirt roads—no matter whose wedding or funeral calls for it.
  2. The Garbage Dump Driver. Everything goes on the floor and everyone is welcome to eat all the McDonald’s fries and ketchup they desire. The oil gets changed… when he or she remembers to to have it done and the trunk is always full of odds and ends; a small extension of his or her home closet.

The difference between these two camps of people is that one fell in love with the car or truck upon ownership and the other, well, fell out of love at some point. At Preferred Automotive, our experts see these two ALL THE TIME. But, both groups are often making the same mistakes when it comes to caring for their car or truck’s paint. Keep reading…

  1. Don’t leave splattered bugs or bird poo on your car’s paint
    Yes, I know—you don’t want to clean it off. Removing dead bugs and a streak of white bird droppings off the surface of your vehicle isn’t your idea of an uplifting activity. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Summertime bug splats are terrible for your car’s paint. Their little bodies carry acidity that degrades the top layers. In fact, if they aren’t removed immediately, you could end up with bug splatter outlines imprinted—permanently—into the top layers of your car’s paint. Gross.
  • There’s no nice way to say this, so I’m just going to say it: bird poo is as bad for your vehicle’s paint as it is disgusting. Traces of grainy, acidic seeds and berries are actually in the streak left so lovingly on your doors and hood. This can and will stain, scratch, and dull the paint. We recommend you use a soft, damp microfiber cloth to gently wipe it away. Immediately. Seriously—don’t let the poop bake itself to your poor, defenseless car!
  1. Sunlight
    If at all possible, park your vehicle in a garage, shaded area, or cover it with a car cover. The UV rays from the sun are just as damaging to your car or truck’s paint as they are to our unprotected skin.
  2. Soda and Coffee
    Now, I know none of you purposely spill these things on your car’s exterior, but you may want to think twice before setting your drink on the roof if you’re prone to forgetfulness. As you drive away and realize—too late—that your precious caffeine has just bathed your vehicle, you need to route yourself immediately to a carwash to remove it. The acid will tear away at your paint if allowed to dry.

We hope these tips help! For more like these, and auto maintenance Rockville, MD give our pros at Preferred Automotive a shout! We’d love to help!

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